Hampshire Kennels

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Hampshire Kennels is a small kennel resting atop Ring Hill Road in Bradford New Hampshire. We've been here raising our family and our dogs here for more than thirty years.

The passing of my friend and genetic mentor, Bob Wehle, left many people wondering where his legendary dogs would travel to, both in infamy and in real time. In infamy, they stand alone. In real time, they are important pieces of our family and connected partners in the field. They are exceptional just as they have always been. These dogs when developed with love and patience are fanatical about hunting, intensely loyal to their handlers, and wonderful fireside pets.

Mel Pfeifle
Hampshire Kennels

Hampshire Kennels • Top of Ring Hill Road • Bradford • New Hampshire • 03221 • 603.496.2790 • 603.938.5981 mpfeifle@mcttelecom.com